Delivering advanced analytics and maintenance planning for your plant.

Identify inefficiencies in your system.
 Discover the potential for significant energy savings.
 Eliminate operational and maintenance risks.
 Avoid unplanned plant downtime.
 Reduce maintenance costs.
 Increase the lifetime of your equipment.

At APDS, we deliver cost-effective solutions that help your business to implement effective condition monitoring systems, thereby preventing avoidable downtime. The ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor is a highly effective tool that gives plant managers real time insight into the performance of key equipment and alerts them to changes in operation, such as increases in vibration or temperature, that might otherwise go unnoticed until a serious technical problem occurs.

abb ability™ smart sensor

What is the ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor?

The ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor is a pocket-sized performance sensor that connects wirelessly to motors, pumps, and other machinery to measure key parameters from the surface of the equipment to obtain informative data about its performance and condition.

With the Ability™ Smart Sensor, plant managers can remotely monitor equipment and receive real- time data about its performance. Any inefficiencies or deviations from normal parameters are reported quickly so that remedial action can be taken. Maintenance can be planned according to need and evolving issues, rather than being constrained by fixed schedules, thereby reducing unplanned downtime, cutting costs, and extending the lifespan of machinery.

ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor: features and benefits

The Ability™ Smart Sensor enables staff to monitor a variety of equipment performance data including rotor health, temperature, vibration, air gap eccentricity, cooling condition, and bearing condition.

❖ Connects to a data analysis server via Bluetooth.
❖ Data is transmitted to mobile phone or the customer portal.
❖ Easy-to-read traffic light status report enables key staff to quickly ascertain the performance condition of their equipment.
❖ May be retrofitted to existing motors.

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At APDS, we can supply the ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor for a competitive price and with quick delivery to UK destinations.

For more information about how the ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor could help you to improve system analytics or maintenance planning in your plant, or to request a free, no-obligation quotation, please call APDS today on 0117 982 2049 or send us a message and one of our team will be in touch.

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