ABB has released a new generation of control gear, including contactors coupling energy saving technology with simplified specification and ordering.

A key feature of the new range is the use of ABB’s groundbreaking AC/DC electronic coil technology. Covering both AC and DC voltages between 24…500 V 50/60 Hz and 20…500 V DC, the coil has reduced the number of contactor types by 90%, from 2,500 to just 250 parts. This makes it particularly ideal for OEMs and distributors by making the range both easier to specify and stock. With its reduced AC pull-in coil consumption from 30% (for AF) to 80% (for AF…Z), the contactors deliver less losses per phase and generate less heat, enabling users to improve the energy efficiency of their panel systems

Even greater savings can be achieved where the new AF…Z low consumption coil contactor is used. Designed for direct connection to PLC outputs (24V DC 500mA) in process applications, the AF…Z contactor offers a holding power of just 1.7VA. Based on the above comparison, the device offers an energy cost saving of around £2.04 per contactor. By eliminating the need for an additional interface relay, the AF…Z also greatly reduces the time, cost and space previously required for connecting to a PLC.

A key benefit of the AF contactor range is its ability to manage the effects of unstable voltage conditions caused by poor network conditions, motor inrush current or voltage drops along cable lengths. As well as extended coil operating limits, the new AF contactors feature built-in surge protection, eliminating the need for an extra surge suppressor and providing added reliability and safety in the event of voltage fluctuations.

AF Contactor Range

AF Contactor Range














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