To achieve optimal performance, you need to stay in control.

At APDS, we offer a comprehensive range of ABB contactors and switches for simple and demanding applications in any scenario or network condition. Our specialist knowledge, of both the ABB product range and common applications, lets us help customers choose the contactors and
switches they need to achieve exceptional control of system processes.

What are ABB contactors?

ABB have established a new industry benchmark and revolutionised how AF contactors are used. Featuring an integrated AC/DC electronically-controlled coil, AF contactors offer multiple benefits over conventional models, including:

Reduced number of contactor types, from 2,500 to 250.
Less losses per phase and lower heat generation, enabling users to improve the energy efficiency of their panel systems.
Reduced coil energy consumption of up to 80 percent.
 In-built surge suppression.
 Screw, push-in spring and ring tongue types, for fast and reliable connection.

The AF contactor range delivers extended coil operating limits and in-built surge protection, thereby eradicating the need for an additional surge suppressor, while providing reliability and safety should fluctuations in voltage occur.

What are ABB switches?

ABB switches feature a complete range of switch disconnectors, switch fuses, bypass switches, transfer switches, and fuses.

Designed for flexibility and ultra-reliable performance, ABB switches are suitable for a variety of applications, including:

Power distribution for residential, commercials, and industrial buildings.
 Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.
 Water pumping stations.
 Photovoltaic installations.
 Data centres.


We offer two types of switches at APDS:

1) ABB OS switch fuses

Used as the main switch in low-voltage switchgears, ABB OS manual-operated switch fuses distribute power and protect devices, such as motors, and other components against short circuits and overloads. They are available from 16Amp to 1250Amp, up to 690V.

Standard switch fuses can withstand up to 100kA fault current and are available for the complete range of fuse links: BS, DIN, UL, NFC, and CSA.
 Range features front or side-operated single pole to four-pole versions.
Flexibility is afforded by modular design, which enables the operating mechanism and direction of the terminals to be located in any position.

2) ABB OT Switch Disconnectors

The ABB OT switch family comprises the following options:

16A - 3150A switch-disconnectors.
16A - 2500A change-over switches.
160A – 1600A automatic transfer switches.

The ABB OT switch-disconnectors are mainly used as the principal switch in low-voltage switchgears for the distribution of power, operation of motors, and isolation of loads during maintenance. They may also be enclosed in plastic or metal enclosures to be used for local isolation points to prevent the accidental operation of machines.

The 16A to 160A range are baseplate or door-mounted using snap-on or screw fittings. Front- operated 3-, 4-, 6-, or 8-pole and changeover types are available as standard.

From 200 up to 3150 Amp, the switch-disconnectors, sometimes called load break switches are available as front or side-operated 1- to 4-pole versions.

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ABB Switches

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