ABB Drive Repairs and Spares

AVPNothing in this life is guaranteed and when something does go wrong you want to be able to call on someone you can trust to get to the problem fixed as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

APDS is an Authorised Value Provided for ABB, which means we have been recognised by ABB as one of the UK’s leading experts on drive maintenance.

If you have a problem with your drive, call us now on 0117 982 2049.

This number is also our out of hours contact number as we offer 24/7 drive maintenance and repair.
If you are calling this number out of hours please be patient as it may ring for a while before we answer. If it does switch to voicemail, please leave a message along with your contact details and we will call you back. Alternatively call 07968 260224 or 07813 833685.

Our repairs and spares service includes:

  •     On or off-site: removal, repair, reinstall & commission service by qualified engineers
  •     A drive service exchange programme as it may be more cost effective to replace your drive with a new or reconditioned unit
  •     A Courtesy Drive Service to keep things running while your drive is being repaired
  •     Repair and testing as specified in ABB’s manuals
  •     Our guarantee that only ABB original spares parts will be used
  •     Our promise that we will do our best to keep production or process downtime to a minimum

If your inverter drive needs a repair or spares, please call us now on 0117 982 2049.

Drive repairs and spares are just one of the many services offered under our unique DriveAid package.