Drive Start Up and Commissioning

ABB Drive Start Up and CommissioningAPDS’ ABB Drive Start up and Commissioning service ensures your ABB drive performance is optimised to meet the exact needs of your application.

Whether you purchased your inverter drive from APDS or not, our team of ABB certified engineers are on hand to help you get started.

Additional Warranty

In addition, as APDS is an authorised ABB partner, if we assist in the start-up or commissioning of your product and register it with ABB, you will receive an additional 6 months’ product warranty from ABB free of charge.

Peace of Mind from the Start

Our ABB certified engineers will make sure your drive is commissioned in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations. Parameters are set to ensure maximum energy efficiency and application performance.

Drive Start Up and Commission Service

Test or verification of proper motor cabling insulation

  • Checking the compatibility with IT (ungrounded) and corner grounded TN systems
  • Control signal checking at drive unit
  • Parameter settings
  • ID-run and test without process load
  • Optional process tuning after customer definitions
  • Collecting back-up files

Basic user guidance during start-up

  • Preventive maintenance instructions and recommendations, typical operational actions.
  • More extensive technical training is available for an additional charge.


  • Commissioned drives will be registered by serial number in ABB’s database.

Our engineers will ensure that any safety issues related to the application are taken into account. You will be given all the start-up information with parameters, and this will also be saved in a database.

For more information on our ABB Drive Start up and Commissioning service, including the extended 6 month warranty, please contact us or call 01179 822 049.