Preventative Maintenance

You service your car regularly to give you peace of mind that when you put the key in the ignition, the car will start and get you to wherever your need to go. Overlooking regular maintenance can mean your car will let you down and probably when you need it the most.

Consider your ABB drive population – just like your car, they need regular maintenance to ensure performance and reliability throughout their lifetime.

Installed ABB inverter drives should be maintained according to detailed product specific schedules as recommended by ABB. Regular preventive maintenance allows you to budget for your servicing costs and optimises the life span of your variable speed drive.


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Preventative maintenance includes:

  • Annual inspections and component replacements carried out by highly trained engineers in accordance with ABB’s maintenance schedules.
  • APDS will only use ABB spare parts, which are selected to match the maintenance schedule and bundled within preventive maintenance kits.

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