Improve your plant’s power quality.

❖ Reduce production downtime or commercial installation downtime.
❖ Increase system efficiency and reduce CO² emissions.
❖ Ensure compliance with power quality regulation ENA G5/5.
❖ Eliminate frustrating tripping of circuit breakers and fuses.
❖ Prevent overheating of cables, transformers, and motors.

At APDS, we apply market-leading ABB PQF active filters to applications of all sizes, in all types of installations in LV networks, including commercial and industrial, and in MV networks with a coupling transformer.

By adding PQF active filters to your installation, we can improve power quality by eliminating harmonics caused by drives and inverters and other high frequency switching loads.

What are ABB PQF active filters?

ABB PQF active filters are the solution to persistent power quality problems caused by:

 Reactive power demand.
 Load unbalance.

Well-adapted to LV installations that are regularly upgraded due to their active concept, ABB PQF active filters are a quick and easy solution that are simple to install without the need for a detailed network analysis.

With a unique control concept and easy manipulation, they are highly effective in supporting compliance with all relevant regulations and legislation, helping businesses to avoid penalties or disputes over connection to the electrical grid.

abb pqf active filters

ABB PQF active filters: features and benefits

ABB PQF active filters are available in ratings between 30 Amps to 450 Amps and can be configured in multiples to achieve the desired rating. Each PQF unit can filter up to 20 harmonics at once in 3- wire systems, or 15 harmonics in 4-wire systems, up to the 50th harmonic.

Unparalleled filtering efficiency resulting from the unique closed loop control system and capability to achieve individual harmonic selection.
Stepless reactive power compensation of capacitive and inductive loads.
 Load balancing in both 3-wire and 4-wire systems.
 Full redundancy functionality for superior reliability.
 Specifically designed with the needs of the end customer in mind.

Contact APDS for more information

At APDS, we offer competitive prices and fast UK delivery on a comprehensive range of ABB PQF active filters, with a full installation service available if required.

For more information, please call APDS today on 0117 982 2049 or send us a message and one of our team will be in touch.

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