Protect your machines from dirty or clogged filters.

Ensure your electronic equipment operates with maximum efficiency.
 Protect internal filters from rapid deterioration.
 Reduce maintenance costs and downtime.
 Eliminate polluting agents from your expensive critical machinery.

All industrial equipment requires ongoing maintenance, including regular filter replacement, to ensure full operational efficiency and productivity. At APDS, we recognise that machine downtime is inconvenient and costly, particularly if you have challenging deadlines to meet for your customers. While filters should be changed regularly, the pressure of production and process deadlines, and a shortage of resource in your team can cause this simple maintenance task to be overlooked, increasing the risk of serious technical problems affecting your machines.

What is the APDS EZ Filter?

APDS EZ Filter is a disposable air filter solution that is specifically designed for electronic automation, robot, and numerical control machines. Applied externally with magnets, the filter material is unrolled from the dispenser system over the inlet grille of the ventilation and cooling system of the machine and locked into place.

The APDS EZ Filter collects and retains dust and oily mists within the fabric, allowing the free flow of fresh, clean air into the machine, while protecting the internal filter from clogging.

A visual check will reveal whether the filter material requires changing. Simply dispose of the contaminated sheet and roll out a replacement, a task that takes as little as five seconds. With no specialist knowledge or training required, changing the APDS EZ Filter prevents the need for lengthy
equipment downtime, safeguarding productivity and workplace efficiency.

apds ez filter

APDS EZ Filter: features and benefits

APDS EZ Filer is incredibly easy to apply and enables machine operators to keep key equipment in optimal running condition, now and in the future. By simply recording the date the filter material was replaced, staff can easily create a comprehensive maintenance record and help to prevent
expensive breakdowns caused by clogged internal filters.

30 per cent savings on maintenance costs.
 Supplied in 200m rolls for easy handling and storage.
 Available in five different sizes: 200mm; 300mm; 400mm; 500; and 600mm.
 110 sheets per roll.

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