6 Benefits of Working with an ABB Authorised VP

As ABB’s only authorised Value Provider for the South West and South Wales we take a look at how you and your business benefits from working with us and any of our counterparts across the UK and Ireland, who are all proud to continue to meet ABB’s exacting standards and work together as part of the ABB authorised VP programme.



1. Genuine ABB Spare Parts

We are hearing about a worrying increase in the number of counterfeit parts coming into the UK market, which creates potentia

l risk to both safety and reliability.

As an ABB Authorised VP, we guarantee that we will only supply genuine ABB spare parts to repair or service your ABB motor control products.

2. Protection of your ABB Warranty

In a similar way to your car servicing, any repairs carried out by a non-authorised service partner will invalidate your warranty

As a certified partner with ABB you have peace of mind that any repairs, we carry out will not comprise your warranty protection.

3. 24/7 Access to ABB Technical Support

We know our stuff, but from time to time problems arise when we need to call for back-up.

ABB gives all its partners access to a 24/7 technical helpline. We can get advice direct from the manufacturer’s team of experts;

either in the UK or at ABB’s headquarters in Finland. A valuable resource for getting quick answers to solve your motor control problems.

4. Drive Registration

How useful would it be to have a complete picture of your drive’s history; when it was last maintained and what checks are due in the near future?

Having access to ABB’s comprehensive drive database means we can help you when

  • a software update is released by interrogating the system to see if your drive is affected
  • your engineering team moves around, and you have difficulty keeping track of information to maintain a smooth-running plant (especially when that information is stored in the head of someone at a different location)

The ABB drive database keeps you in the picture; providing a passport for your drive population.

5. Trained and Audited by ABB

The Authorised VP accreditation has been earned by APDS demonstrating our knowledge and expertise, and it is maintained by us proving we always meet the high standards set by ABB.

We are regularly invited to attend exclusive training events, where we are given the inside track on the latest product develo

pments as well as how to get the best out of ABB’s current range of products.

6. Staying Up to Date

ABB keeps us directly updated with the latest product releases as well as any software or firmware updates, which we can then pass on to our customers to ensure applications are running at their optimum.

APDS, and all the partners in the programme, work hard to maintain our Authorised VP statuses and we do this because we want the best for our customers.

You and your organisation deserve the best.

You deserve peace of mind that you are getting a quality service with quality products.

Work with the best. Work with an ABB Authorised VP.

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