Is your ABB Drive Due for its Service?

You know that to maintain your car’s reliability and keep it on the road you need to get it regularly serviced.

You want to protect the investment you made when you purchased it and you also want the security of knowing that it will always work when you need it to.

The same applies to your ABB drives. These need to be looked after so they can continue to support your business applications and ensure that they run smoothly and efficiently. On average the payback on your ABB drive investment is less than 2 years, but you need your drive to be working for many years longer than that.

You can prevent unwanted breakdowns and costly down-time by committing to regular servicing.


Is your ABB drive due for a service?




Above  you will see how ABB has developed a  four-phase model for managing the life cycles of its drives. The life cycle phases are active, classic, limited and obsolete. The services offering is defined for every drive separately. The availability of individual services depends on the drive’s life cycle phase.

To keep your drives running smoothly, it is vital for you to know where it is in its lifestyle and hence when it is due for a service. APDS can help you with this. All you need to do is complete our simple online form. We will then get in touch to outline your drive’s service requirements.

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