ABB Variable Speed Drives – When to Repair and When to Replace?

To repair or not to repair that is the question.

You rely on your ABB inverter drive to improve your processes and save you energy. What affect would a drive breakdown have on your production? Any downtime or disruption is costly – let’s examine the options you have to get things back up and running as quickly as possible.

When we are called to a breakdown the question we are asked most frequently is whether the drive should be repaired, replaced or simply maintained. We thought it would be worthwhile taking a look at what needs to be considered before making a decision.



How old is your ABB drive?
When considering whether to repair or replace, it is important to consider the age of the drive and what phase it sits within its lifecycle. ABB’s drive lifecycle falls into 4 phases; Active, Classic, Limited and Obsolete. As your drive moves through each phase, parts become harder or impossible to obtain and advances in drive technologies may mean your application could benefit from the latest features and functionality.

Do you know where your drives sit within their lifecycle? APDS has access to ABB’s comprehensive drive database. All you need to do is tell us the serial numbers of your drive population and we can tell you exactly how old they are and whether they are due any preventative maintenance which will help avoid unwanted and expensive breakdowns. Tell us your drive serial numbers.

How critical is your application?
Downtime of a critical application will cost you thousands in lost production and we understand how important it is for you to get back up and running as soon as possible. Replacement may seem the only option as a repair may take a drive out of action for a few days. Fortunately APDS is able to provide you with a Drive Hire service so that if a drive repair is the more cost effective option, a replacement hire drive can be installed on site quickly; temporarily replacing the faulty drive to get processes running again. Your drive can then be repaired and re-installed with minimum disruption.

Preventative Maintenance Prevents Breakdowns!
ABB recommends carrying out regular maintenance on its drives to prevent breakdowns and keep them working efficiently. Ask us about DriveServiceOptions – a tailored made service plan individually designed for you, your site and your critical applications.

Do you need advice on whether to repair or replace your ABB Drive?
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