APDS agrees with Bristol expert who “fears playing god with planet”

We’ve recently read an article written after the results of Britain’s first publicly funded study into technologies that could be used to slow down climate change was published this month.

The article reports on ideas such as “spraying sea salt particles into clouds to try to brighten them and thus reflect more heat from the sun; pumping aerosols or sulphur particles into the atmosphere to disperse sunlight; and others would seeing greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide sucked out of the air.”



Dr Matthew Watson, a scientist from the University of Bristol, has spoken out against the report and said “using technologies to change the earth’s climate in a bid to slow down long-term global warming would mean mankind had failed in its role as stewards of the planet.”

The ideas proposed by these scientists read like something from a science fiction novel and we have to agree with Dr Watson.

Surely before we go down this route, which this article suggests could do more harm than good, we should look for answers to the energy crisis closer to home.

Adding variable speed drives to your applications, alongside the use of high efficiency motors will result in immediate and significant energy savings.

Perhaps, before the Government invests more money into such futuristic schemes, they should look at supporting industry with energy saving measures that are proven to work in the here and now?

APDS supplies and installs ABB inverter drives across Wales and the South West and clients tell us again and again the positive, and often immediate, impact this product makes on reducing their energy consumption.  Yes, there is the initial spend on investment, but time and time again we see that payback is achieved in under 2 years.

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For more evidence on the energy saving capabilities of ABB drives, take a look at our case studies.