APDS cut pumping costs for Welsh Water

APDS has recently completed a project working in collaboration with ABB to help a water company reduce pumping costs.
Welsh Water needed to pump fresh water to, and waste water away from, roads on new housing estates. As well as being able to do this as efficiently as possible, Welsh Water had another major requirement and that was to have its own pressure and flow parameters incorporated in the drive software. This would enable its engineers to easily adjust the kiosks’ pumping regime to meet the needs of housing developments as they expand.



By installing variable-speed drives into their roadside pumping kiosks Welsh Water is not only set to dramatically reduce the cost of its roadside , it will also achieve the control it wanted to give its engineers to make expanding the system easier.

Up to 20 kiosks a year are to be installed. Each kiosk contains two pumps, each driven by an ABB drive for water and wastewater, ACQ810, up to 22 kW, in duty/ standby mode, housed in IP54 enclosures. The kiosks come complete with a generator changeover panel. The generator is external and brought to site in the event of an emergency.  The changeover panel has a specific type of connector fitted, allowing the generator to be connected very quickly.

You can read the full story on the ABB website.

APDS works with water companies across the South West to reduce energy costs and improve efficiency.