APDS Help Deliver Another Successful Energy Saving Event for the Go Green Team!

Go Green Bristol held another successful energy saving event this week. Hosted by ABB, a global leader in engineering and automation solutions, the event brought local business leaders together to discover energy saving secrets and quick wins to help both the environment and their profitability.

The presentations were given by a wide variety of Bristol businesses but all under the energy saving umbrella. Delegates listened to real-life stories of energy saving initiatives that were reducing energy bills and operating costs by tens of thousands of pounds each year.



Sharing Ideas and Pooling Resources; ABB’s site on a North Bristol Business Park is home to a large Research and Development department as well as a Training Centre used by visitors from across the UK. The company has managed to reduce its running costs over the past 12 months by working in collaboration with DST, the business operating from the unit next door. The Facilities Managers at the two businesses, which operate in completely different sectors with no formal connection at all, explained that by starting a dialogue with each other they soon realised they had common resources and ideas that could be shared. The result of the pooling of ideas and the collaborative working in areas such as sharing a recycling collection has resulted in energy savings and operating cost reductions totalling over £20,000.

Making the most of technology; APDS, an engineering company based in Avonmouth, was another one of the businesses presenting, and Alan Jones from APDS explains the importance of events like this to educate business owners.

“We specialise in the installation of inverter drives which will control the flow of power to any piece of equipment relying on a fan or a motor. Your office heating and ventilation system for example – does it really need to be running at full power 24/7? Or how about your production processes – do the machines really need to keep operating over the lunch break? Inverter drives are the unsung heroes of energy saving. They’re not pretty to look at and get on with the job quietly behind the scenes. But the thousands of pounds they will save you each year should see them promoted to the forefront of energy saving solutions. Our motto is that there is more to energy saving than changing your light bulbs!”

Other topics covered at the event included an introduction to the latest Government Energy Regulation, ESOS, which comes into force in December 2015 and is compulsory for any business with over 250 employees, and a presentation from Suez Environement on how it will be turning more and more of Bristol’s waste into valuable resources at its new plant on Severnside.

Jessica Ferrow, Project Manager for Go Green commented “It’s great to work with businesses in our network who have specialist knowledge in specific areas, as we can tap in to their expertise and share it with our members.” She added “Go Green is very much about recognising and celebrating good business practice, so it’s really beneficial to get together at these events and share ideas and success stories. The level of interest in sustainable business has definitely increased in 2015; Bristol’s year as European Green Capital, and we are working to connect businesses that are serious about reducing their energy use with people who can provide workable and affordable solutions that will ultimately help them be more competitive and more profitable.”

APDS works with businesses in many different sectors; helping them save energy and improve business processes.

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