APDS – not just LV VSD’s, Softstarter’s and motors!

When a leading aggregates company had a fault with their 3.3kV Motortronics softstarter for their crusher, early on Friday morning, a call to APDS Ltd was one of the first actions they took.

A quick redeployment of engineers for the days planned work, and our product specialist was quickly making a u-turn and heading to site to support. A fault within one of the semiconductor stacks was speedily diagnosed, and replacement from the customers on site spares was fitted in its place. Less than half a day after the call was made, the crusher was operational again, and production could resume.

Motortronics is a world leading manufacturer of MV softstarters with experience in virtually every industry type around the world, and  are proud to be an Authorised European Service Partner. If you have any MV motors starting DOL, why not see if they could benefit from the addition of a Motortronics MV Softstarter.


Contact us at sales@apds.co.uk for more information.