APDS Talk Process Optimisation with Torbay & South Devon Manufacturer’s Forum

We are on a mission! And that mission is to educate as many South West manufacturers as we can about the benefits of adding ABB Variable Speed Drives to motor applications to optimise processes and reduce energy consumption.

We were delighted to be invited by Torbay Development Agency to present at the recent Torbay & South Devon Manufacturer’s Forum meeting chaired by the elected Mayor of Torbay, Gordon Oliver at the British Ceramic Tile Head Office in Newton Abbot.

Alan Jones from APDS was in the hot seat, answering questions and demonstrating how an inverter drive works. The basic principle is simple; a variable speed drive gives you better control over the motor so it only operates at the speed it needs to. When demand is high it runs the motor at nominal speed and when demand is low, the drive can use various feedbacks to adjust the speed of the motor, and therefore reduce the amount of power consumed.



Alan explained that a great example is older (hydraulically driven) injection moulding machines. In these machines, the motor is running continuously at 50Hz, but it is likely that during the cycle, it’s speed can be reduced. Newer “all electric” machines can do this, but the hydraulic versions need a means to detect changes in the motor’s load, such that it’s speed can be reduced, and then increased again, for example when the cycle demands extra torque. Using a variable speed drive to control these machines is a proven way to save energy – in a recent case study, by installing a 55kW drive, and reducing motor speed from 1450rpm to 1200rpm for part of the cycle, the customer was able to save £7,800 per year

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