Bristol becomes the first UK city to win the European Green Capital Award



The European Green Capital Award recognises cities for their outstanding and on-going environmental work and for the work they are doing towards creating healthier and more sustainable living spaces. It all started in 2006 when representatives from 15 European cities met and developed an initiative on sustainability and over the years this has evolved into an annual award.

The award is presented to cities that can; demonstrate a consistent record of achieving high environmental standards, show a commitment to ongoing sustainable development and lead by example to become a role model for other European cities.

It was first won in 2010 by Stockholm and in 2015 Bristol celebrates the honour of becoming the first city in the UK to win the award.

Bristol takes over the mantle from Copenhagen and the official handover ceremony took place on 8th December. Bristol won the award because of its plans for the future, with the people of Bristol being accredited for what they are doing to protect the city’s future.

APDS’ roots are firmly placed in Bristol and for over 15 years we have been working with businesses from within the city and surrounding areas to help them save energy.

We agree with the ethos behind the Green Capital Award that it’s not all about a quick win. Sustainability is about putting measures in place to save energy today, tomorrow and far into the future. That’s why APDS looks at the bigger picture and help businesses take a step back. Our energy saving solutions incorporates a review of existing processes, and more often than not we identify areas where improvements can be made. So it’s a “win win” situation for you, as your energy bills reduce, your efficiency and performance increases.

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