Bristol Businesses Work Together and Receive Energy Efficiency Award.

Bristol based manufacturer Smurfit Kappa has just won a highly coveted energy saving award from the national publication Drives and Control and ABB, a global leader in power and automation energy saving technologies.

Smurfit Kappa produces cardboard material such as shelf ready packaging, trays and bottle carriers, designed to transport and display supermarket products such as beer bottles and tubs of butter. The products are stamped out of cardboard sheets and then printed.

The Bristol manufacturer was selected for an award as recognition of an energy saving project completed with the help of ABB’s Bristol and South West partner APDS Ltd.



In 2014, Smurfit Kappa approached APDS for advice on how they could reduce energy costs without compromising its production processes.

After assessing the whole manufacturing process, APDS identified that the three motor driven shredder fans used to handle waste cardboard were one area that could be made more energy efficient.

Alan Jones from APDS explains, “After carrying out an energy audit, we calculated that the three shredder fans were costing Smurfit Kappa over £47,000 per annum to run.”

Alan Jones continues “Smurfit Kappa needed an energy saving solution that would reduce costs and allow the plant to continue with its normal operation. APDS is a specialist in Variable Speed Drive (VSD) installations, which control motor applications to operate more efficiently. Initially we installed a drive on one fan as a trial and the results were so impressive that we then went on to install a VSD on all three fans which resulted in an energy cost saving of £22,000 per annum.”

Following on from this initial work in 2014, APDS continued to work with Smurfit Kappa, who is now set to achieve annual energy savings of £60,000 and has won the Energy Efficiency Award as recognition.