How Can a Motor Management Policy Save you Money?



Many of you will have ABB motors in place controlling applications and acting as the cornerstone of your production processes.

In isolation a single motor may not appear to consume a significant amount of energy, however collectively motors accounts for a massive 66% of industry’s energy costs. Transpose that statistic on to your business and you can see for yourself how much of your energy costs are down to your motors.

What can you do to reduce energy costs?

Using high efficiency motors is one way to greatly reduce your energy consumption. Although the initial capital investment will be more than a cheaper alternative, in the long run the cost difference soon become negligible through on-going reductions in energy costs.

High efficient motors also save on operating costs by bringing increased reliability, reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs.

Are you motors legally compliant?

With the introduction of IE4 motors, it is now a legal requirement to run motors with a minimum efficiency grade of IE3, unless they run alongside a Variable Speed Drive, in which case an IE2 motor meets all the requirements. Failure to adhere to these could result in financial penalties.

Making the right choices for your business

Choosing the right motor for the job and deciding which applications are worth the investment of a high efficient motor can be a challenge and that is where a Motor Management Policy will help.

By taking a step back and reviewing all your motor applications you can build a better picture of where energy consumption can be reduced and process improvements and savings can be made.

As ABB’s only Authorised Value Provider for motors for the South West, APDS works with many industries across the region, devising effective Motor Management Policies and making recommendations to help with cost savings and budget planning.

A Motor Management Policy will also help you make decisions on whether a motor should be repaired or replaced and help you put a plan in place to cope with unexpected breakdowns.

To book a free review of your motor population or to talk to us about putting a Motor Management Policy together, please contact us today 01179 822 049.

Are you eligible for the Government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme which allows you to deduct full costs of your energy efficient motor investment against tax in the year of purchase, instead of writing off the asset over a number of years– talk to us today to find out more.

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