How Important is Power Factor for Plant Efficiency?

Power Factor is the measurement of how efficiently electrical power is consumed within your plant. A network which is 100% efficient will have a Power Factor (PF) rating of 1.

If your site is operating with a PF below 0.95, you could be liable for penalty charges from your electricity supplier.

A poor PF rating has other implications too. If you are looking to add to your plant equipment and have already reached your electrical network’s capacity, you will need to invest in extending your power supply which could involve significant capital investment as well as an increase to monthly operating costs.

How can you avoid losing out to Power Factor?

APDS has been trained by global energy saving experts ABB. We will be able to visit your site, measure your Power Factor usage and install Power Factor Correction equipment as required to optimise your electricity usage.

Examples of Common Poor Power Factor Equipment

  • AC Motors
  • Air Conditioning
  • Furnaces
  • Fluorescent Lighting

To book a free Power Factor site review, please contact us on 01179 822 049.