National Grid warns of low electricity supply.

A BBC report out this week quoted a warning from National Grid “that its capacity to supply electricity this winter will be at a seven-year low due to generator closures and breakdowns.”

It’s time for UK businesses across all sectors to take energy saving seriously. In fact there is no excuse to ignore the energy saving messages as the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.

You reduce your energy bills. You reduce your risk of  paying out any Government levy’s or energy taxes. You help the environment. You help the UK.



There is more to energy saving than switching off your lights. There is more to energy saving than simply saving a few quid here and there with energy efficient bulbs. The future is making significant savings though the installation of inverter or variable speed drives (VSD).

Here at APDS, we work with many businesses across the South West and Wales. These businesses are the lucky ones; these are the ones who have already been educated and are reaping the rewards of having already installed inverter drives alongside their applications.

If your business runs any type of electric motor or pump application, you will see the benefits immediately when an inverter drive is installed.

A variable speed drive adds greater control and so energy is only used when it’s needed. In fact research has shown that by installing a drive on your current applications leads to less breakdowns and a longer lifetime, less downtime for your business and fewer unexpected repair costs.

Concerned whether you can afford the investment? What if we told you that time and time again we see a payback of less than 2 years through the savings in energy costs?

We also run a number of schemes that offer you the flexibility to install a variable speed drive on financial terms to suit your business.

See the evidence for yourself before you make any decisions. Book one of our FREE energy audits today. We will come on site and demonstrate to you the energy savings that can be made. Call us today on 01179 822 049.

APDS saves energy for businesses across the South West and Wales through the installation of inverter drives and efficient electric motors.