Not even the holidays stop APDS!

Just before the Christmas, APDS were contacted by a local recycling company who were encountering problems with some of their equipment and were concerned that the issues may affect production going forward into the New Year.



An APDS engineer visited site on Christmas Eve to inspect the issues and to advise the best way forward.  As always APDS only make a charge when they fix something (after all, you know your kit is broken, you don’t need someone coming to site to tell you what you already know and then leaving!)

APDS identified that the emergency stop relay was not resetting and required replacing.  A wiring check revealed several other small faults that were easily rectified and following a brief run of the plant, APDS also identified that the inverter current limit was set too low and that the ramp time was excessively long.

APDS outlined a plan of action with the customer and agreed to return early in the New Year, to replace the emergency stop relay, to fit a new control station on the conveyor and to add an additional stop on the outside of the crusher room.  This action plan gave the customer confidence to restart the process in the New Year knowing that APDS would support their equipment.

The repairs were completed in the first week of January and the equipment has run without problems since then.

“APDS UK were called upon at very short notice over the Christmas period when we were having problems with our production process. With their help and expert advice, by the time the New Year started, we were back up and running as smoothly as usual.”

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