Preventive Maintenance? “No thanks!”

Amazingly “no thanks” is a common response when proposing Preventive Maintenance (PM) kits in line with the manufacturers recommendations.

The previous reliability of the drives is often used as the justification for not investing in the PM work. Whilst ABB drives, if installed and operated in line with the installation guidelines are very reliable, carrying out the recommended PM work and regular servicing schedule ensures that reliability continues and the equipment continues to operate to its optimum levels.

While you may be lucky and have your ABB drive run for >20 years trouble free without any PM work – this is something we have only witnessed on a very few occasions, you ignore PM at you peril and risk costly repairs and unplanned downtime which can be much more costly than the repair itself.

If you are based in South Wales or the South West, ensure your ABB drives are maintained to ABB’s standards. Contact us to discuss your installed base and maintaining them to the highest standards.


The perils of ignoring PM