Resolving blocked filters is EZ!

The APDS EZ Filter is becoming a popular purchase with customers, particularly those operating drive applications in a dirty or dusty environment.


Our EZ Filter is, as the name suggests, easy and quick to install. It acts as a barrier for the control panel, trapping dirt before it reaches the drive and its handy roller mechanism makes it easy to renew the filter barrier to keep your drives running smoothly.


A recent success story has been with a customer site that experienced recurring drive issues caused by blocked filters; replacing the drive’s filters was costly, but they could not risk a drive breakdown.




After seeing an EZ filter installation on another site, they realised that this would be a highly cost effective solution to their problem.


Two EZ filter were installed to the front of the panel. Regular checks will be made to monitor the condition of these filters and when they do get dirty they can be easily replaced by a new section of the roll.


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