Richard Jackson Joins Other ABB Experts for Training Day



ABB is a world leader in motor and control solutions and the reputation of its products and technology is second to none. ABB relies on the knowledge of its partner distribution network to ensure this technology is applied in the optimum way and so partners from across the world complete rigorous training before they before accredited as one of ABB’s Authorised Value Providers (AVP’s), of which APDS is one.

As part of this training programme ABB runs Expert Days at the ABB University in Finland and selected representatives from the AVP gobal network are invited to join them. These Expert Days provide an opportunity for the experts on the ground, such as our engineer Richard Jackson,  to discuss the technology with the experts from ABB’s product development team.

Richard attend a range of seminars and workshops and took part in discussions about the application of current
technologies as well as ideas for the future.

APDS is the UK’s only AVP for the South West. To find out more about how ABB drive and motor technoligy can help you reduce your running costs by optimising energy, productivity and reliability, please get in touch.