Root out those Hidden Costs to Save Your Business Energy and Money

Heating and ventilation (HVAC) systems in buildings have long been overlooked as a way of saving a business costs by reducing energy consumption.

Many businesses and organisations run their HVAC systems constantly on full power. However simply by introducing a variable speed drive (VSD) to the system, you can maintain the desired air flow but reduce the energy consumption and cost to the business.

Often HVAC systems rely on throttles and dampers to control their output  but using a throttle often increases energy usage and therefore cost. Using a VSD can eliminate the need for a throttle by varying the motor speed thereby reducing energy usage.



You wouldn’t drive a car with your foot hard down on the accelerator and control your speed with the handbrake as you know it wastes fuel and energy. Similarly, why use all that energy to produce a flow of air which you then control with a throttle? The VSD acts like your gear box and controls the HVAC process varying the speed of the fans and pumps allowing them to operate at a variable speed to meet demand.

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