Energy Saving – it’s not just about changing your lighting

The Energy saving lightbulb and LED lighting solutions have been around since the late 90’s and they have become the “go-to” solution for most businesses looking to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions. But did you know that there is an alternative solution? A solution that is quicker and easier to install. A solution that can save you thousands of pounds.

Introducing the ABB Variable Speed Drive (VSD) or
Inverter Drive as it is sometimes known.


Does your workplace run an HVAC system? Does your workplace run a motor or pump application?

Then installing an ABB VSD will make a real difference to your business. The speeds of motor or fan processes are often controlled through dampers or valves and although this slows them down the energy use stays constant. It’s the equivalent of driving your car with your accelerator foot to the floor and using your handbrake to control the speed, which makes no sense at all. Installing an ABB VSD to sit between your power source and your application will mean that the speeds are varied according to use. It also means that the energy usage is varied according to needs.

We have seen businesses from across a wide variety of sectors save thousands on their energy bills each year. An ABB VSD will also reduce wear and tear on your applications, extending the life and the reliability of your production and because the costs savings are so significant, payback on your drive investment is usually between 6 and 18 months.

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