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We can help you improve the performance, quality and efficiency of electrical systems.

One of the main challenges facing today’s industrial and commercial applications is the Power Quality of the low voltage network.

Good Power Quality leads to trouble free and efficient operation of installations and APDS, along with ABB, can help you achieve this.

Why do APDS use ABB?

APDS are an Authorised Value Provider for ABB and we have made our commitment to this global company because they are world leaders in drive technology and always deliver a quality product.
ABB has a comprehensive portfolio for addressing a wide variety of power quality problems.  The benefits of using ABB’s LV capacitor and filter solutions include:

  •     Compliance with the strictest power quality regulations on reactive power and harmonics
  •     Reducing and/or eliminating utility penalties for a low power factor and/or harmonics
  •     Off-loading of and reduction of power losses in cables and transformers
  •     Reducing production downtime and/or commercial system downtime
  •     Increasing system efficiency and reduction of CO2 emissions


ABB have announce a new interactive application has just been released to explain in simple terms how reactive power compensation and filtering solutions help in improving power quality of electrical networks.

Take the power quality challenge to see how harmonic pollution and low power factor can affect operations and profits in a hotel and a factory.
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This application is available for iPad.
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