The APDS Challenge: Don’t look to the ceiling – look in your basement!

When looking to make energy savings, APDS is challenging businesses to stop just looking to their ceilings and replacing lightbulbs and instead to look in their basements and consider the massive energy savings businesses can make from installing variable speed drives.

If workplaces run an HVAC system or a motor or pump application they should be considering installing variable speed drives (or inverter drives) – a quick and easy to install solution that can save the business thousands of pounds.

And it’s not only manufacturing companies finding these savings – service companies are too.


APDS has already been working with hundreds of companies offering them free energy audits and advising them on the most efficient way of saving money on their energy bills by installing variable speed drives for their equipment.

The Carbon Trust is one organisation that recognises the value of variable speed drives: ‘Installing VSDs in appropriate applications could save energy, cut costs and increase profit margins.’

The payback period on a typical VSD is often less than two years.

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