Three Things to Consider Before You Rewind that Broken Motor!

A motor failure is the last thing you need. Every second of downtime costs money and impacts output.

Before you call your local Motor Rewind Service Provider, we would like you to consider the following three things.
1. Has the motor been rewound before? The rewind process involves your motor being subjected to hot temperatures to burn out the old, faulty windings. This heating process can damage your motor’s Stator Core and consequently the level of Iron losses increase, which impacts your motor’s running temperature as well as making  it less efficient.

2. How old is your motor? Old motors do not need to adhere to the latest IE regulations put in place to ensure that energy -guzzling motors work as efficiently as possible. New motors are much more efficient and when considering the cost of buying new versus repairing, industry experts recommend replace rather than repair especially if the motor is older than 3 years, even up to motors of 45kW.

3. How quickly do you need your motor back up and running? A Motor rewind is no longer the only option if you need your motor back in operation as soon as possible. APDS works with clients from a variety of sectors, all of whom rely heavily on motors to run their applications. We feel our role is to not only get you up and running quickly, but also as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Hence our decision to invest in a dedicated ABB Motor Warehouse. We carry an extensive range of stock, in fact aside from ABB, we are one of the UK’s largest stockist of ABB motors. All our stock is available for immediate delivery which enables us to swiftly deal with all your motor requirements to get you back in operation.



You can also put measures in place to help you make more informed decisions about the best course of action to take through a Motor Management Plan.  Let APDS help you develop your own plan that will allow your staff to make the right decision to improve your efficiency and profitability and protect your up-time.


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