Was the Easter Bank Holiday a Missed Opportunity?

The Easter long Bank Holiday is always a welcome break, especially as it’s the first one of the year.

Do you use Bank Holidays to slow down or even shut down your processes?

Unscheduled downtime is an unwanted overhead and one we all want to avoid, but a planned shutdown can provide the perfect opportunity to carry out maintenance and get your applications ready for the work to come.

If you are running inverter drives across your applications, it is important to keep them well maintained to improve performance and energy efficiency. A clogged filter or dirty fan will affect how they operate and you need them working at their optimum.

ABB, a world leader in drive and control technology manufacturing, promotes preventive maintenance as a way to increase your drive’s reliability and cut your operating costs.

Making it as simple as possible

ABB has made things easier for you by creating detailed product specific maintenance schedules for each drive family and recommends regular preventive maintenance actions to control your maintenance costs and to optimise life time performance of your drive population.

Your drive serial number is the key!

If you are unsure about the history of your drive population, we can help. As ABB’s only authorised for the South West, we have access to its drive database and using your drive serial numbers, we can interrogate this database to ascertain exactly where your drives sit within their lifecycle and what maintenance is required.

Furthermore, ABB has created a range of handy maintenance kits which can be ordered through APDS and delivered to your site.

The next Bank Holidays are approaching fast and if you want to make this most of this downtime to carry out planned maintenance, then please contact us today and we can help you order in the right equipment to carry out your servicing tasks and protect your drive investment.

Need help planning your servicing schedule?

APDS supports many industries across the South West with their servicing needs and we are able to create bespoke service plans to suit your exact requirements.

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