What Are the Changes to Motors for Zone 2 Locations?

A Zone 2 location is where a presence of an explosive atmosphere occurs only by accident.

UK Engineers were familiar with motors certified for  Zone 2 locations originally  called “Type N” which became ExN and finally ExnA  under harmonized IEC Standards.



Now there is a change. IEC 60079-7 was recently  revised to issue 5 and this introduces a replacement for the ExnA motor called Ex ec – increased safety motor for Zone 2.   Like the motor it replaces, the Ex ec motor is non-sparking, surface temperature limited and is issued with guidance on selection when used with Drives.  The major change is that the terminal arrangement is of “e” construction.

ABB have a complete range of Ex ec motors, all of which are available from APDS, your local Authorized Value Provider.  We also stock Ex eb motors for a Zone 1 location which have replaced the Exe  motor.  Flameproof motors, Exd, also for Zone 1 – and more popular in the UK, remain unchanged and are also in stock available from APDS.


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