Food & Beverage

We have helped a number of food and beverage companies and specialise in implementing drive and motor solutions tailored made to your business.

Alongside designing and implementing cost effective energy saving solutions, we are able to take a look at the bigger picture and suggest process improvements which will add real-time value to your business and your bottom line.

With an average payback of under 2 years, the benefits far outweigh any initial upfront costs. You can always take advantage of our Economy Drive service to help you spread the cost and see the results before you make a big financial commitment.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your food and beverage business.

ABB Drives Achieve Massive Savings in Refrigeration Systems

ABB Drives Achieve Massive Savings in Refrigeration Systems

In a basic chiller refrigeration system, refrigerant travels to the condenser. This refrigerant needs to be cooled in order for the condenser to change the refrigerant from a high temperature gas to a warm temperature liquid. This is either air cooled by fans or water cooled.