At APDS we understand that unplanned VSD failures sometimes occur and it is not always possible or economically viable to undertake a repair. Sometimes replacing a failed drive with a model from the latest product range is also not an option. This is where our APDS drive exchange service can help keep your plant up and running and avoid unscheduled downtime.

The APDS Drive Exchange service

We carry a range of fully refurbished drives and modules from the ACS550, ACH550 and ACS800 models in stock, that allow the direct replacement of a failed unit. These drives have undergone a full service and functional testing and come with a 12-month return to base APDS warranty – providing peace of mind and minimal production disruption.

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All exchanges are fully compatible with your original drives.

With new fans and capacitors, you can be confident that your exchanged Variable Speed Drive is fully functional and tested to the highest performance standards, giving you much-needed peace of mind that your plant won’t be brought to a halt by the inevitable breakdown of your existing VSD.

We also offer:

Expert installation and commissioning of your new drive.
 Refurbishment or recycling of the existing drive within local regulations.

Contact us to find out more about drive exchange

If you think a drive exchange could be the solution to your Variable Speed Drive problems, please get in touch with APDS on 0117 982 2049 or send us a message.

Our team will be able to assess your situation and explore the options with you and, if a drive exchange is the best solution, arrange for a replacement unit to be sent to you on the same day if required.

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