At APDS, we have trained over one thousand individuals in a range of ABB Variable Speed Drives, covering start-up and commissioning, fault finding, and specific applications such as PID control. No matter what your team’s level of expertise or experience, we can design and deliver a bespoke training package that meets the needs of your business, giving your staff the knowledge and confidence to manage ABB Variable Speed Drives for optimal performance, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Installing ABB Variable Speed Drives can deliver significant improvements for your business, including more efficient energy consumption, improved machine performance, and increased profits. But to make the most of ABB technology, it’s vital that your engineering team are equipped with the knowledge and skills to implement and manage it correctly, to harness its many benefits and prevent unplanned downtime if things go wrong.


APDS drive training: bespoke solutions for your business

Our training is built around our customers’ needs and level of expertise. APDS offer certified training courses on all aspects of ABB Variable Speed Drives at our training facilities in Avonmouth or Cornwall, or even at your site - whichever you find more convenient.

Ensuring your engineers are kept up to date with products and services through training will ensure that you maximise efficiencies, minimise unplanned downtime, and - ultimately - facilitate a more profitable operation.

By ensuring your team receive expert training from a leading accredited supplier of ABB Variable Speed Drives, you can be confident that your equipment will achieve a healthier Return on Investment while performance inefficiencies can be eradicated.

Our training specialisms

We have mobile training rigs for ACH580, ACQ580, ACS580, ACS800 ACS880, ACS355, ACS380, and ACS480 to provide training across the range of ABB drives. We also have a PID training rig at Avonmouth to allow training on closed loop systems.

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To find out more about our professional training packages for ABB Variable Speed Drives, please get in touch on 0117 982 2049 or send us your enquiry and one of our team will be in touch.

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