When you are aiming to improve the energy efficiency of your plant, it’s important to invest in the right drives and motors. But, with a wide choice available, it can be confusing knowing which equipment to invest in to achieve the cost savings, energy efficiencies, and optimised performance
that you need.

At APDS, we utilise ABB’s DriveSize software to help you to choose the best motor, drive, or transformer for your applications, giving you confidence that you’re making an informed decision that will transform the efficiency of your plant.

What is DriveSize?

DriveSize from ABB helps users to select the most suitable motor, drive, and transformer for their applications. The software calculates network harmonics and generates dimensioning documents, drawing upon the extensive ABB motor and drive catalogue.

Currently, two versions of DriveSize are available: a Web version for online users and a downloadable app for installation on PC (consisting of Global IEC and US/NEMA versions).

DriveSize comprises:

VSDSize: a framework for Variable Speed Drives (VSDs), through which users can select optimal drives and motors for VSD applications from ABB’s low-voltage AC drivers and three-
phase AC motors.

 MCSize: for motion control motors and drives.

abb drivesize

Types of drives supported

 Industrial drives: Complete AC drives with a rich set of variants and options.
General purpose drives: Complete AC drives to control typically one motor or multiple induction motors of an equal size and having the same load and speed.
Machinery drives: AC drive modules designed to be included into machines utilising variable speed control.
 Motion control drives: Motors and drives for the control of cyclic linear or angular position.
Industrial multidrive: AC drives supplying multiple motors and controlled by multiple control units.
 Drives for HVAC and water: Complete AC drives to control an HVAC fan or pump motor.
Single drive combination: For projects where a combination of different drive categories is needed.

DriveSize modular software structure

Each DriveSize implementation comprises a user interface, computing part, and product databases which contain approximately 85,000 data rows for catalogue motors, with many voltage levels, drive types, and modules.

For familiarity and ease of use, the software interface mirrors the common user interface guidelines of Microsoft Windows.

Each dimensioning case – the projects – are saved in an .xml file, from which you can generate OpenXML-based technical reports, which can be attached to project and drive documentation.

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