At APDS, we can help you achieve energy cost savings that don't impact negatively on your business's operations or production. We can conduct a free, no-obligation energy audit to identify how your business could reduce its energy consumption and devise workable and cost-effective solutions to achieve optimal efficiency with no loss of performance.

Optimising your production, minimising your energy use

Motors are a vital component in many sectors of industry, but are one of the biggest consumers of electricity, so it pays for all businesses who use motors to implement effective measures to cut their energy consumption.

Traditionally, the output of flow and pressure from a motor was controlled by dampers or control valves. These reduced the output without cutting the speed of the motor or power consumption. In simple terms, this is tantamount to driving a car with the accelerator flat on the floor and using
the brake to control the speed.

Of course, no motorist would even consider driving in this way. Yet too many businesses continue to operate their processes this way so an effective solution that improves efficiency without compromising on performance is vital.

ABB Variable Speed Drives

At APDS, we supply ABB Variable Speed Drives, a market-leading technology that controls motor speeds to the exact needs of your applications.

ABB are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Variable Speed Drives, with a comprehensive selection of speed controllers available for different applications. From single and three-phase supply units and simple to sophisticated controllers, ABB Variable Speed Drives from APDS
increase your control over your electric motors, cutting your energy consumption and reducing your electricity bills.

abb variable speed drives

Count the cost of your energy savings

Knowing how much you could save is a key factor when investing in new technology.

The ABB EnergySave calculator is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to view potential energy and cost savings from which you can benefit if you introduce Variable Speed Drive technology into your pump, fan, or compressor applications.

Contact APDS for more information

At APDS, our experienced technicians have been installing ABB Variable Speed Drives for businesses across the South-West and South Wales for many years and have helped our customers save thousands on their annual energy bills.

To find out more about arranging a free energy audit, or to enquire about Variable Speed Drives, please call us on 0117 982 2049.

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