Motor and Drive System Efficiencies

We are used to the simple concept of motor efficiencies and countries demanding certain levels of efficiency to permit motors to be sold and installed. In Europe we have the IE classes of motor efficiencies.  Hence inefficient motors are not allowed to be sold.

We think less of drive efficiencies, as they are generally very efficient devices.

With so many drives being sold, the user needs efficiency information to select between manufacturers and their products. However, there has been no consistent way to present the information.

There is a draft standard that will specify that drive manufacturers must state their complete* drive efficiency at 90% frequency and 100% load.

The end user also needs information to judge the overall efficiency of a drive and motor (called a Power Drive System).  Again, there has been no set way of stating this. The new draft system provides a consistent way to determine losses at standardised operating points.

The Proposed Standard is IEC50598-2 and this is a link to ABB commentary on the proposed standards.

APDS is an  Authorized Value Provider of ABB Drives and Motors whose extensive product range provide optimum efficiencies.

*a complete drive is the whole of the drive.  In most cases this is a drive in one box but on larger drives it can be a rectifier, control circuits. dc link and inverter in separate modules forming a complete drive.