Six Step Plan

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APDS, in conjunction with ABB and other leading manufacturers of control products, has devised a simple, proven approach to guide you through the energy savings maze.

The APDS Energy Survey Process

The Six Step program takes account of the most recent product developments, as well as the latest government legislation ~ see, to ensure you get the greatest benefit from every pound you spend on energy reduction.

The Six Step plan provides a standard project framework with 6 primary stages:

Stage 1: Audit the current position
Our experienced application engineers conduct a detailed on site audit in order to determine the range of equipment in use, current operating parameters and energy consumed.

Stage 2: Audit Identify and quantify the potential savings
We analyse the audit results and quantify anticipated savings for each application we have surveyed. We will also tell you the ones which will not work for you

Stage 3: Prepare your action Plan
We make recommendations for you combined into an executive summary and action plan. This will identify areas where most savings can be made, and therefore the ones that should be targeted first for implementation.

Stage 4: Show you the proof
We have done hundreds of applications and installations similar to yours. We will share typical results showing savings and benefits.

Stage 5: Implement and monitor results
On your authorisation we will implement the plan and install the appropriate equipment for you. The actual savings will be recorded electronically and monitored alongside our predicted results

Stage 6: Confirm the on-going savings and claim Government incentives
Finally we confirm your plant savings and we document these for you ready for your Enhanced Capital Allowances, ECA claims, to be made. Payback periods are confirmed along with your annual savings and reduction in energy consumption.

For many clients this is measured in tens of thousands of pounds with paybacks as short as 6 months to 2 years.

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