At APDS, we offer tailored harmonic surveys using the latest equipment and technology. With years of experience in the field, we are the first choice for pre- and post-harmonic surveys that comply with the latest regulations, to ENA G5/5 and in line with IEC 61000-3-6.

Why harmonic surveys matter: Variable Speed Drives

Variable Speed Drives (VSD) have become the standard in industry for motor control, vastly reducing energy consumption, improving process control, and increasing profitability through lower utility bills. Because of its efficacy and potential for significant cost savings, VSDs are commonly applied to a wide range of manufacturing processes, potentially increasing the harmonic footprint of the site and the facilities in which they are installed.

variable speed drives

If your site does not comply with the regulations, your business could face hefty fines, as well as several frustrating problems:

 Damage to, or deterioration of, equipment.
 Interruptions to processes, such as ruptured fuses and tripped breakers.
 Poor energy efficiency or machine performance.
Overheating conductors.
 Insulation failure.
 Overloaded neutral.
 Overheating and resonance on networks using capacitors.

How it works: the stages of a harmonic survey from APDS

Our harmonic surveys are designed to improve the power quality on low voltage networks by eliminating disturbances and increasing the power factor. There are several stages to the process:

1) Assessment of the site conditions

A site survey is essential to establish the current site conditions, including:

Supply transformers.
 Point of Common Coupling (PCC).
 Single line distribution.
 Method of connection on the monitoring equipment.

2) Monitoring

Once the monitoring equipment is connected on site, it records data over a pre-determined period of time, in order to produce sufficient information for our specialists to create a comprehensive harmonic report, including:

 Total harmonic distortion (current) THDI
 Total harmonic distortion (voltage) THDV
 Active energy (kWh)
 Current RMS
 Overall energies and costs

3) Harmonic report

The harmonic report will include all information that is required under the current regulations and recommendations to help formulate a harmonic plan to ensure full compliance with legislation.

We can also use PC-based tools to estimate the harmonics of your site’s installed equipment and advise you accordingly based on the outcome of the estimations. At APDS, we offer the services and the solutions which include low harmonic drives from ABB with active input bridges.

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