At APDS, our ABB-certified engineers possess the training and experience to professionally install and commission ABB drives, even if you haven’t purchased them from us. By selecting APDS for your ABB drive installation and commissioning, you can be confident that your drive will be optimised for maximum safety and performance in the shortest and most cost-efficient timeframe possible.

When you have chosen to invest in an ABB inverter drive, it is vital that the unit is installed and commissioned to meet the exact needs of your application. Without the experience, knowledge, and attention to detail offered by a qualified technician, it is likely that the drive won’t deliver when you need it most, while installation and commissioning time will be longer and more expensive.

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Professional installation and commissioning for your peace of mind

At APDS, we are committed to delivering a high-quality and rigorous installation and commissioning service that is underpinned by four key principles:

1) Safety

The installation and commissioning of a drive will always be carried out observing all relevant safety regulations and functional safety requirements. A full record of safety tests will be maintained for reassurance and audit purposes.

2) Reliability

Installation and commissioning will always be carried out by an accredited and qualified technician, using up-to-date tools and instructions, with parameter adjustments made based on each application to guarantee reliability and maximum energy efficiency.

3) Cost Awareness

The extent of the commissioning will be agreed in advance to ensure the efficient operation of the drive to achieve optimal energy savings and the best value for money possible.

4) Drive Registration

All serial numbers from commissioning are entered in the ABB database for easy access whenever maintenance or technical support is required.

Our commitment to you

During our drive installation and commissioning service, we will:

Test or verify correct motor cable insulation

Control signal verification at drive unit
✔ Parameter settings
ID-run and test without process load
✔ Optional process tuning after customer definitions
Collecting back-up files

 Preventive maintenance instructions and recommendations, typical operational actions.
More extensive technical training is also available


Commissioned drives will be registered by serial number in ABB’s database, enabling the lifecycle management of each drive.

By choosing APDS, you can be reassured that you will never be left alone and uninformed. Our engineers will give you all the start-up information with parameters that you need, while our knowledgeable support team can be contacted for technical advice whenever required.

For expert installation and commissioning, get in touch today

If you are seeking professional support to ensure your ABB drive is installed and commissioned exactly in line with your applications, please call APDS today on 0117 982 2049 or send us a message and one of our friendly team will be in touch.

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