ABB Power Quality

ABB PQF active filters are the ultimate answer to tough Power Quality problems caused by harmonics, load unbalance and reactive power demand.
APDS can apply ABB PQF active filters to small, medium or large applications and are suitable for both industrial and commercial installations in LV networks. They can also be employed in MV networks through the use of a coupling transformer.
ABB PQF active filters offer the following system benefits:

  • Reduced production downtime and/or commercial installation downtime.
  • Increased system efficiency and reduction of CO2 emissions.
  • Compliance with the strictest Power Quality regulations thanks to their unique control concept, thereby avoiding penalties and/or refusal by utilities to connect installations to the electrical grid.
  • No detailed network analysis required, rapid and easy implementation of the solution.
  • Not overloadable, thanks to its active concept, hence well adapted to LV installations which are typically upgraded frequently.

Key product features and benefits:

  • ABB active filters
  • Have unprecedented filtering efficiency thanks to the unique closed loop control system and individual harmonic selection capability.
  • Can perform stepless reactive power compensation of both inductive and capacitive loads.
  • Can perform load balancing in both 3- and 4-wire systems.
  • Raise system reliability to unprecedented levels thanks to full redundancy functionality. Are designed with the end customer in mind.

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ABB Power Quality Quick Quote

ABB Power Quality Quick Quote