Economy Drive

What is APDS’ EconomydriveTM?

It’s a way of you saving money with no capital investment. APDS will carry out an energy survey, supply and install an inverter at no cost to you. Then a monthly payment based on the savings is made to APDS. The drive continues to be owned and maintained by APDS saving you money indefinately.

The Problem
Many customers appreciate the savings that are possible with inverters fitted on pumps and fans.However, with budget restraints or external funding difficulties, raising capital expenditure is not always possible. With APDS EconomydriveTM this problem is over come. No capital outlay and immediate savings for you.

The Solution
APDS carry out a standard energy survey at no cost to you and produce a detailed energy saving report. The annual savings are divided into 12 monthly values and this is shared equally between APDS and you. APDS will then install and commission the drive at your site and a standing order is set up to reduce costs. APDS will regularly visit site to ensure the equipment is performing satisfactorily and in the event of any problems these are resolved.

So – peace of mind with no capital outlay, and at the end of the hire period you have the option to buy the drives at a previously agreed price or to renew the hire contract for a further period of time.What could be simpler?Ideal for Schools, Councils, Trusts, any one on a tight capital budget!

Following a energy survey APDS will supply and install inverters. Then APDS are paid half of the saved energy costs on a monthly basis producing savings for all parties.

Contact us today and get the APDS EconomydriveTM Advantage:

  • No capital Outlay
  • Instant energy Savings
  • 24 Hour Cover
  • Annual Service Visit to check and Tune
  • Peace of mind savings no matter if energy costs rise.
  • Option to extend the hire period or to buy the drives

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