Protecting your critical motors and driven loads from premature deterioration.

Achieve improved motor reliability
 Improve efficiency
 Increase productivity of your applications
 Extend the lifespan of your essential motors

At APDS, we understand that motors are the lifeforce of your business. When key processes depend on effective and reliable motors, technical problems can lead to unforeseen downtime and premature deterioration of components. Our comprehensive range of soft starters are designed to reduce the stress on your motors and associated equipment caused by traditional starting methods such as DOL or Star-Delta, protecting your critical equipment from damage and extending its lifespan and dependability. 

soft starters

What are soft starters?

A soft starter is a device that, when added to an AC electric motor, allows it to power-up in a controlled way, subjecting it to less stress than under conventional start-up methods.

Conventional start-ups result in a surge of electrical current into the motor. Over time, this can prove damaging to delicate electrical circuits, necessitating additional maintenance or even early replacement.

In contrast, a soft starter gradually applies voltage to the motor, facilitating a smooth and controlled acceleration of power that protects the device from damage. Some soft starters allow machine operators to alter the starting voltage or the power-up duration, and feature an in-built
protection relay to keep the motor safe.

The soft starter range at APDS

At APDS, we have a wide range of soft starters for motors up to 1800A, delivering cost-effective solutions for customers, irrespective of their needs. Our in-stock range includes:

Mototronics Synergy VMX SGY

A high performance energy saver.
 Easy programming for any application in four steps.
 Full colour touchscreen.
 Plug n Play automatic load tuning.
 Intelligent energy recovery system to reduce energy consumption.

Motortronics Agility VMX AGY

OLED display, featuring full text messages for fast programming and swift fault finding.
USB connectivity, for easy upgrades and downloads of event logging data.
Modbus RTU communications as standard.
Automatic reset to reduce technician visits.

Motortronics PFE VMX-PFE

A cost-effective soft starter for small AC induction motors.
 Internal bypass to prevent harmonics.
 Automatic ramp control profile for smooth start and stop performance.
 30-second soft start and soft stop capability.
 Mounted on DIN rail for easy installation.

MVC4 Medium Voltage Soft Starter

Medium voltage soft starter.
 Flexible control features.
 Selectable ramping for matching to any application.
 High-level fibreoptic circuit isolation for safety.

ABB Soft Starters

 A wide range of soft starters from the global leader in power automation.
 Covers applications from 3A to 2160A.
 Fast and easy installation.
 Additional capability include torque control and pump cleaning.

Motortronics Synergy™ Softstarts

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Motortronics Agility™ Softstarts

Motortronics Agility™ Softstarts

ABB Softstarters

Untitled design - 2022-04-20T124707.456

Motortronics VMX PFE Soft Starter

Untitled design - 2022-06-10T104919.546

MVC4 Medium Voltage Soft Starter

Untitled design - 2022-06-10T104940.498

Contact APDS for more information

At APDS, we supply, install, and commission ABB soft starters for a competitive price and with rapid delivery to UK destinations.

For more information about how ABB soft starters could safeguard your operations, or to request a free, no-obligation quotation, please call APDS today on 0117 982 2049 or send us a message and we will be delighted to assist you.

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