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 Achieve the highest levels of efficiency and performance.
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 Boost system reliability to reduce downtime.

At APDS, our extensive range of drives are designed and manufactured by ABB: the globally- renowned power automation provider with whom we have worked for 20 years. As an ABB Authorised Value Provider (AVP), APDS is the first choice for inverter drives, which we can install and commission on your behalf for unbeatable reliability and performance.

Why work with APDS?

Successful businesses are underpinned by exceptional efficiency and performance. In volatile times, even the smallest innovations can drive your organisation’s competitiveness and keep it at the top of its game. Downtime is damaging, so effective measures to futureproof your business
against equipment failure are vital to ensure you deliver a high-quality service for your customers.

The ABB Drive range from APDS

With a range that covers single-phase and three-phase supply units, both simple and sophisticated, APDS can provide your business with an effective solution that gives you total motor control for significant energy savings, more efficient processes, and a healthier bottom line.

Our product range covers a wide range of ABB drives, from the latest cutting-edge models to the discontinued ABB Classic Range drives, of which we retain a limited stock.

Our ABB-accredited engineers can support you at every stage, from selecting a drive that meets your business’s needs, to installation and commissioning, and staff training – always focusing on improving drive performance, maximising uptime, and reducing energy consumption.

ABB Drive features and benefits

Low-voltage AC drives help you to boost productivity, improve energy efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs.
Incredible versatility which allows users to select the power rating, voltage, and current most suited to each application.
 Uncomplicated programming using simple DIP switches.
Integrated with a wide range of commissioning tools to support a tailored implementation that meets the needs of your applications.
 Multiple connectivity options to extend functionality and data transfer capabilities.

ABB ACH580 – Drives for HVAC

abb ach580

ABB ACQ580 – Drives for water and wastewater

abb acq580

ABB ACS580 - Drives for General Purpose use


ABB ACS880 – Drives for Industrial use


ABB ACS355 – Machinery Drive




ABB ACS150 – Micro Drive


ABB ACS310 – General Purpose Drive

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ABB Classic Range Drives

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At APDS, we have been supplying, installing, and commissioning ABB Variable Speed Drives for businesses across the South-West and South Wales for many years and have helped our customers to slash their annual energy bills while improving system control and performance.

To find out more about the comprehensive range of ABB Drives, please call us on 0117 982 2049 or send us a message and one of our team will be in touch.

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