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ABB VPPIf your business relies on ABB variable speed drives and motors, you need expert technical support at every stage of their lifecycle. Whether you need assistance purchasing the right model for your applications, expert maintenance and repair to keep your equipment in optimum working condition, or professional development for staff to maximise the gains, it’s important to work with a trusted partner who has the appropriate level of knowledge and expertise.

At APDS, we understand that your ABB variable speed drives and motors are critical to your business and will work closely with you to create a bespoke service plan tailored to your exact requirements. Our ABB- accredited technicians can carry out on-site and off-site maintenance and repairs, at a time to suit you – giving your maximum control over your equipment and schedules.

Drives can fail

A variable-speed drive (VSD) could have a mean time between failure of over half-a-million hours (533,200 hours actually or nearly 62 years) meaning today’s drives are exceptionally reliable, but they’re not indestructible. A drive will get nowhere near these figures if it is not correctly maintained.

The maintenance requirements for VSDs fall into four basic categories:

1. Keep it Cool – Check circulating fans for signs of bearing failure or foreign objects. This is usually indicated by an unusual noise or shafts with irregular movement. Check direction of rotation, fans running in reverse are not cooling your drive components. Also, monitor DC bus voltage readings via the keypad display while the VSD is in operation as fluctuations can indicate degradation of DC bus capacitors.

Fan before and after clean

Before and after a clean up by APDS

2. Keep it clean – Dust on VSD hardware can cause a lack of airflow, resulting in diminished performance from heat sinks and circulating fans. Dust absorbs moisture and on an electronic device this can cause malfunction or even failure. Periodically spraying air through the heat sink fan is a good preventive maintenance measure.

3. Keep it dry – Corrosion caused by moisture on a circuit board can happen at any time. Moisture on or near your VSD can accumulate enough water to produce circuit board corrosion.

4. Keep connections tight – Checking connections are a step many miss or do incorrectly. Heat cycles and mechanical vibration can lead to sub-standard connections. Over torquing screws is not a good idea, and connections should only be re-torqued to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Further tightening an already tight connection can ruin the connection. Bad connections lead to arcing. Arcing at the VSD input could result in nuisance over voltage faults, clearing of input fuses, or damage to protective components.

Life Cycle Assessment

Although drives are not normally the most expensive capital equipment, they often perform critical duties and have a high in-service value. A drive failure can result in loss of production and revenues, as well as having safety and environmental consequences. To reduce the risk and consequences of failure, the drive must be properly maintained at the right times during its life cycle.

All electrical and electronic components degrade over time, some quicker than others. Looking after a drive, in line with a detailed preventive maintenance schedule, is essential if the drive is to retain its ability to save energy.

Expert emergency drive and motor service from APDS

As the only authorised ABB Drives and Motors Service Centre in the South-West and South Wales, we are the first choice for all your service and maintenance needs. We now have two sites to support our customers, in Avonmouth and Redruth.

We deliver support at every stage of the life cycle of your ABB drives and motors, from specification and installation, to upgrades and preventive maintenance.

With our professional support, you can be confident of obtaining the best product for your project and achieving maximum efficiency and longevity. After commissioning, we deliver informative training, so your team understand how to get the most from your ABB drives and motors.

Our services include:

  • Specification and product selection.
  • Installation and commissioning.
  • Repairs, either on-site or in our specialist service workshop.
  • Servicing and preventive maintenance.
  • Upgrades, retrofits, and replacements.
  • Spares supply and management.

Our emergency service line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with staff on hand to respond to any enquiry.

Unplanned downtime causes expense and disruption, so it’s unsurprising that businesses seek proactive ways to identify plant problems before they occur.

APDS approach is to work with you and plan interactive visits as part of your preventive maintenance strategy. Regular inspections by our own drive Experts will recognise and help to make unplanned downtime a problem of the past, so that your plant delivers consistent, efficient, UpTime and cost-effective performance.

24/7 support for all your ABB variable speed drive and motor needs

Whatever stage you are at with your ABB variable speed drives and motors, our expert team are ready to support you.

To find out more, please get in touch on 0117 982 2049 or email