ABB’s ACH580 HVAC Drive – Saves Energy. Saves Lives.



If your building operates a HVAC system, then ABB’s ACH580 is this season’s must have accessory.

ABB’s latest HVAC drive, the ACH580, combines all the usual inverter drive energy saving capabilities with an additional feature which turns the drive into a smart piece of fire safety equipment.  ABB’s ACH580 unique fireman’s override system converts your HVAC’s fans into smoke extraction units to create smoke free escape routes for your staff during an emergency evacuation if a fire starts within your building.

This advanced functionality, which is built into the ACH580 as standard, is improving the speed and safety of emergency evacuation procedures in buildings across the world and specialist consultants are now utilising this feature during the design phase to establish escape routes and procedures knowing that there is a reliable smoke extraction facility in place.

How does it work?

The fireman’s override works by allowing the ACH580 to be programmed to a pre-set or PID-controlled speed. This mode is then only triggered when it receives a signal from your building’s fire alarm system and it will not exit from this state until the fire alarm signal is reset. It cannot be triggered manually.

On receiving the fire signal, the drive will switch into fireman’s override mode and the HVAC motors will operate in reverse, removing smoke from the building and improving visibility for people evacuating the premises and the firefighters tackling the blaze.

The ACH580 is ABB’s most efficient variable speed drive to date. On a day to day basis this drive runs in harmony with your HVAC applications, keeping things running smoothly and your energy bills low. If the unthinkable happens and a fire does start within your building, your ACH580 switches from energy saver to life saver, extracting smoke from your building and keeping escape routes clear for a smooth evacuation.

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